API's & WebServices Testing


An API (Application Programming Interface) is the means by which third parties can write code that interfaces with other code. A Web Service is a type of API, one that almost always operates over HTTP (though some, like SOAP, can use alternate transports, like SMTP).

Why Test APIs with AppKnights?

With the variety of testing services we provide at AppKnight, we know that the core link between various applications (Mobile, Web, desktop…) is APIs and web services. Nowadays for any business or software, the client may ask for a website, iOS app, Android app and maybe for more. Taking the latter into consideration, we at AppKnights can provide the fundamental and most important testing services that covers APIs as well as web services. Those testing, handled by AppKnights team, will make sure that:

  • All data get synchronized and validated successfully.
  • All your information and data are handled properly whether you are using XML, JSON, REST, SOAP, WSDL or SOA.
  • All your applications and websites are synced in harmony